Led Letter Lights

We now have an amazing complete alphabet A to Z, 0 to 9 numbers, a heart, star and & symbol 
LED marquee lights each standing a whopping 1.2m tall! 
A  stunning wedding arch standing 2.4m tall and a linked MR & MRS 91cms tall
(perfect for in front of the bridal table!) 
I mean who wouldn't love their name in lights for their special occasion really?? 
$50 per 1.2m tall led letter / symbol / number
$200 2.4m tall wedding arch
$200 91cm tall linked Mr & Mrs

Eliminator Decor Love 114cm Tall LED Letters
The Decor Love are 114cm tall white exterior colored letters equipped with over 800 RGB LEDs in heart shaped cut-outs. Customize the look with a dozen pre-programmed static color macros and 8 festive auto programs including full color fade change, sound active mode and flash mode. All of the features are controlled via an included infrared remote control from up to 10m away.

LOVE $200
MR & MRS $300